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Shetty Enterprise is brand name in the industrial market for manufacturing the Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt. Our manufactured Fire Resistant Conveyor Belts are primarily needed for internal transportation within tunnels and mines. Our offered conveyor belts are durable in nature, where coal dust, gas, fertilizer or other combustible materials are involved there are chances of fire hazards. h frequently utilized in handling coal over ground in coal mines, thermal power plants and in subversive coal mines. Fire Resistant belts are correspondingly worn for conveying other materials which are horizontal to ignition during use.

fire resistant conveyor belts manufacturer in india

Our fire resistant conveyor belts are utilized widely in numerous industries including mining, wood, paper and mash, sugar and sustenance, reusing and compound and manure plants. Fire Resistant grade Conveyor Belts have been widely utilized as a part of Thermal Power Plants and coal mines in India and Abroad. We utilize ethylene vinyl acetic acid derivation elastic (EVM), and aluminum hydroxide that go about as an insulating specialist in manufacturing these belts. Small amount of stearyl amine is additionally added to guarantee greatest protection from fire. We offer these belts according to the particular prerequisites of customers. It is basic that the conveyor belts being utilized can't make electricity produced via friction that can light gases and clean in the climate.

Unique Features of Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt

  • Modular design for last and convenient assembly
  • Special designed aluminum profile for track and ground supports
  • Range of Belt type for different applications
  • Available in a variety of configuration
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Excellent load bearing capacity
  • High functionality
  • Strong construction