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PVC Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

We are leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) Conveyor Belts, which are used in diverse industries to convey goods from one place to another place. The offered PVC Conveyor Belts are having single or multiplies, with high application in various light, medium and heavy industries, including electronic, food and Pharma, Bakery and Confectionary, Meat and Poultry, Packaging, Wood Working, Glass, Ply and Board, Automobile, Health and Fitness, and so on.

PVC Conveyor Belt Supplier in India

We are flourished with the requisite expertise and experienced team to offer the clients with the superior quality of imported conveyor belts such as PVC conveyor belts. We have office of vulcanized joints, melded sidewalls and cleats, tracking profiles to serve for elevating conveyors for food or different items. Produced using premium reviews of PVC material and texture remains, our PVC conveyor belts are joyfully being actualized and introduced all through different enterprises in India and different parts of the world.

We are offering different types of PVC Conveyor Belts that are accessible in the market to meet the diverse requirements of different industries such as Light duty PVC Conveyor Belt, Heavy duty Conveyor Belt and so on. We are not only manufacturing PVC conveyor belt but also conveyor belt manufactured using materials like cotton, nylon, polyester, fibre glass and further these conveyor belts come with coating of diverse elements like PVC, rubber, PU, silicon etc. These conveyor belts are having unique attributes like highly durable, best priced, long service life, and unmatchable quality.

Unique Features of PVC Conveyor Belt

  • Requires low operation costs and reduces the service maintenance and having long durability
  • These belts are largely resistant to oils, grease and other chemicals
  • Special plans to give awesome grasp on slants
  • Resistance to Abrasion – Rugged
  • High quality – Low extend
  • Energy sparing as it is light and thin
  • Prevention from electrostatic form ups
  • Can be fitted with flights, profiles and sidewalls
  • Wide scopes of accessibility