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We are considered to be the leading manufacturer of Sidewall Conveyor Belt, that are custom designed, developed and fabricated as per the specific application request of the clients. These offered Sidewall Conveyor Belts are fused onto the base belt to make sure the trouble free and extended life for such belts. Shetty make sure that the offered Sidewall Conveyor belts do not get off during the continuous use. We have the skill to utilize a wide range of materials to help our end client's necessities. It incorporate straight-rib side divider conveyor belt, wedge-shape sidewall conveyor belt, sinuate spine sidewall conveyor belt, for the most part is utilized with creased divider transport together, and furthermore utilized with general belt transport.

sidewall conveyor belts manufacturer in india

Our sidewall conveyor belts are the hardest and sturdiest on the durable in the world. The custom, hot reinforced process gives remarkable working lifetimes and low upkeep. This additionally implies they give outstanding incentive to cash. Sidewall conveyor belts must have the capacity to withstand to a great degree high pressure and rehashed flexing that happens in high limit soak point passing on. The elastic spreads securing the corpse have extraordinary scraped spot protection and tear quality. Shetty Enterprise additionally offers a scope of frosty reinforced and built sidewall belts for those searching for a prudent and tough arrangement.

Unique Features of Sidewall Conveyor Belt

  • Ideal for transporting powdery and lumpy materials
  • Can transport high volumes without any spillage
  • Are adequately rigidity
  • Do not buckle under compression
  • Tear and gauging resistance
  • Enhanced durability
  • Low maintenance cost